Where the flags are red, the messes are hot, and the depressed are well-dressed.

Spot Josh's Red Flags

Loves Fitness

Josh engages in his passion for exercise by running from his problems daily. His favorite yoga pose is the “downward spiral.”


Much like the moon, Josh’s dating life is full of men who walk all over him while waving around a big red flag. In his own words, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but the sea is full of trash.”


From identifying as a cell phone, to a bull, to planet Earth itself, Josh’s personality is multifaceted (unstable) and relatable to a dynamic audience (people in need of therapy).


The Voice Behind "Thank Yew"

Part-time comedian and full-time hot mess, Josh Zilberberg is an expert in self-deprecation. His ironic twists on clichés and questionable dating advice inspire viewers everywhere to be the most delusional version of themselves.

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