I'm Malavika Natesh, a multidisciplinary creative and conceptual thinker with a deep fascination for crafting impactful visuals. My broad range of interests allows me to find inspiration in the most unlikely places. A few of my favourites include typography, grainy textures, color theory and film photography. In my work, I weave compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, leveraging a mix of design practices, including mixed media, graphic design, and collaborative design. With a background in visual communication, I possess a keen eye for aesthetics and the technical skills across several software to apply them.

Today, I find joy in utilizing my design expertise to connect with clients and explore various art forms through graphic design, visual identity, branding, and art direction. My creative journey began early in life, with a childhood filled with painting and sketches, and launching my own design practice at the age of 18. I've continuously ventured into various visual mediums, guided by my innovative spirit, a sensitive appreciation for aesthetics, and an unwavering passion for what I do.