The Legend of Mothman

The Mothman has been haunting the quaint town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia since 1966. Some say that the cryptid is a harbinger of destruction. Others believe it may be a benevolent figure—its presence, a warning to humanity of calamities yet to come.

A creature both beloved and feared. The question remains: what is the truth behind the Mothman? Delve into the mystery and allow your imagination to take flight with an art print that celebrates this curious and frightening legend.


The Man Behind the Stories

Wendigoon’s work pays homage to the power of storytelling and the indelible mark it leaves on our psyche and culture. This passion first emerged while sitting around a campfire listening to his grandfather tell tales of old. Inspired by this memory, Wendigoon harnesses the power of storytelling to take a deep dive into histories, myths, and conspiracies and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Come take a seat near the fire and immerse yourself in Wendigoon’s world. While the fire may die out, the stories we share will be its legacy, continuing to frighten, fascinate, and fortify the next generations.

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